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March 18th, 2006 | Author:

The Australian trip isn’t finished only for me. Many friends that I met in Australia came back their countries. I’m trying to keep in touch with some people, it take me many time, but when you can see again a friend from Australia, that’s great.
For Swiss people, that’s not so difficult, because Swizterland is a small country. I can visit some friends by car (only 2 or 3 hours). So we (Karin and me) deciced to go snowboarding in Interlaken. Interlaken is in the center of Switzerland, a very famous place for the Japanese tourists. This region of Interlaken is famous for the beautiful mountains, with the top of Europe, the Jungfrau.

We chose to go in First, near Grindelwald (15 km from Interlaken). The weather was warn (around 8°C) and sunny. The snow was good, between fresh snow and spring snow. The view was amazing, you can admire my pictures. My day was great, very happy to see see her again. We could speak about Australia and New Zealand. She has aslo been in New Zealand, great souvenirs.
I would like to thank her for this day, and I hope that I can see her again with Janine (another Swiss German girl from Australia) in two weeks…

Many snow, great weather and …stupid people ! I saw in the first time in my life an avalanche. The rescue poeple didn’t know if someone was under the snow, so they decided to do searches with three helicopters and several rescue mens with dogs. Since the beginning of the season, 24 people were killed in Switzerland with avalanches !

March 12th, 2006 | Author:

During 2 weeks, it snowed every day, so I decided to go again in Crans-Montana.
I invited again Pierre-Alexandre and my brother invited his friend, Christophe.

The weekend was great, I did snowboarding 2 days, with many powder snow. I really like fresh, so I did some off piste. I know off piste is potentially dangerous, but I always try to be careful ! Don’t do off piste if you don’t know the mountain.
I can’t forget Friday night until late. A great party in Absolut Club with the famous DJ Laurent Wolf.

I created a new gallery about this weekend here.

March 05th, 2006 | Author:

I’ve just seen Memoirs of a geisha in cinema. This movie is wonderful !

The set and the scenery are spectacular. You can see some scenery with Cherry Blossom. I really wanna see it soon. The story from Arthur Golden novel is very good.
I can’t forget the beautiful actresses, Gong Li (Hatsumomo in the movie) and my preferred, Zhang Ziyi (Sayuri) ! I know that they aren’t Japanese actresses, but they play their part very good.
If you want to discover a little bit of the Japanese culture, I recommand you to see this great movie !

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