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The World Cup…all people are talking about this World Cup in Germany. So I have no choice, I had to speak about it 🙂 During this World Cup, I will often post some articles on my blog.
I really like the Swiss team this year, we have one of the best team since long time ago. It’s a young team (one of the youngest team in this World Cup), but I think we can do a good World Cup.
I support firstly Swiss team, but not only my team. I also like Sweden, Japan and South Korea. But I have two different problems with Japanese and South Korean teams :

  • Japanese team : they lost the first match against Australia 🙁 I’m sad for my Japanese friends, they really like their team. We will see Japan against Croatia and Brazil. It will be difficult for them, but I believe they can do something ! Don’t worry, I also like Australian team, I saw their qualification for the World Cup in Australia, with many Australian people 🙂
  • South Korean team : they are playing in the same group than Switzerland, so Swiss team will play against South Korean team on 23th June. We will see, but sorry in advance for my Korean friends 😉

This evening, the match between Swizterland and France were a tactical battle. The two team were very nervous, so the match was not so good. Too many yellow cards for nothing…the referee was bad ! But I was with friends, Swiss and French (Pierre-Alexandre and Jean-Baptiste), and it was funny.
Now Swiss team have no choice, they have to win against Togo the next Monday. I will not be able to see this next match, because the next week, I will be in a security training, the SANS Security Essentials.

I took pictures during this match, you can them in my new gallery. There are some movies where you can hear French and Swiss national anthem. Don’t forget to see these movies, very funny 😉

See you soon, on Monday, for the matches, and Hop Swiss !!!

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