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After a sad night yesterday, I would like to thank our national team, to have made us dream !
It was a great World Cup in Germany, all people in Switzerland were behind Swiss team ! It is the first I saw so many people in the street with an great ambiance !

On Friday, the victory between Switzerland and South Korea was beautiful. Swiss team played the first half time very well. After half time, Korean team put pressure on Swiss team, but they could not find the solution against Swiss defence. After this feat, we finished on the first place of the group G. I never saw a passion like that in Switzerland !

After that, we knew it will be very difficult against Ukraine. What’s more, I knew especially for me, that it will a special match after my trip in Kiev.
I saw the match between Switzerland and Ukraine in the Geneva’s ground [1], with almost 10,000 people. The match was very balanced, one post for Ukraine (Shevchenko), one post for Switzerland (Frei). After more than 180 minutes, the two teams did not score any goal. After that, a part that I hate : penalties ! Because penalty shoot-outs are a lottery…Ukraine scored 3 times, Switzerland 0.

I’m a little bit sad, because Swiss team missed to do a new great feat ! But I’m also happy for my ukrainian friend Lena, who is very happy with this victory. Well done to Ukraine !

Lena, you can be sure, between your team and Italian team, I will support your team 🙂 Australia was better than Italy !

Last news : French team won against Spanish team…french team is getting better every match. I’m also a french guy, so next match between France and Brazil, I will be for France !


[1] Stade de Genève in french language

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