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It was yesterday the second big party in Switzerland after Street Parade in Zurich : Lake Parade in Geneva !
It’s a techno openair party, in the center of Geneva ! More than 15 lovemobile [1] sound systems.
It was a great party, the weather was very good, so I saw many crazy or funny clothes, sometimes very small !
But why I wrote international in the title ? Because you can see many people from different cultures. Some “crazy” people dance behind the lovemobiles, some people look the “crazy” people 😉
I met some people from Philippine, Japan, Vietnam, China, … but you can also see many African people. Don’t ask me about European people 🙂
I took many many pictures as usual…I put the best of my new gallery ! Take time to see all pictures !


[1] This name come from the Love Parade (or here) in Berlin (Germany)

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    Hey, and what about your costume ? at this occasion a little "lk" colour would have been great on you ! … ok I return sleeping 🙂

  2. 2

    Bad idea ! It’s better to return sleeping 🙂 I’m uploading my pictures…so in few minutes, all pictures will be on my blog !

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