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After several weeks, I finally booked my Japan travel ticket ! I’m going to Japan on the next October 🙂
I’m really happy to visit this country, and I really hope I can meet again some Japanese friends that I met during my trip in Australia and New Zealand !
Two friends are going to Japan with me during the two first weeks :

  • Departure on 6th October : Geneva (Switzerland) to Paris (France), Paris to Tokyo (Japan)
  • Return on the 22th October (for my friends) : Osaka (Japan) to Paris, Paris to Geneva
  • Return on the 29th October (for me) : Tokyo to Paris, Paris to Geneva

My friends could not take three weeks of holidays, so they will come back one week earlier than me. I’ll travel one week alone in Japan, so if you have any good idea for me, send me an email or leave a comment 😉

See you soon in Japan !

P.S. I finished to update my new gallery about Lake Parade, more than 60 pictures and movies !

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