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I have been in Beligum for 5 days (Tuesday to Sunday), my first trip in Belgium !
I worked during two and half days for Brussels Expo, in Brussels 🙂 Brussels Expo is the biggest exhibition centre in Belgium, only 15 minutes from the center. I saw one impressive thing and one funny thing there :

Like all good tourists, I had to try one special and famous meal : Mussels with french fries. So with my colleagues, we went to the center of Brussels on Thursday night.
Brussels is a very nice city, with many many European tourists, but not only them, also few Asian tourists, especially the Chinese as well 🙂
All good European people have to go one day on a pilgrimage in Brussels, like all good Christian have to go in Rome or Lourdes 🙂

On Friday afternoon, I was on weekend. I met again my best friend in Australia : Chris 🙂 ! He invited me in Belgium. It was a great weekend, we visited many cities (Brussels as well, but also Bruges, Knokke and Antwerp). We spent two good nights and drunk many beers in Huy, a small town near Chris house.
I really liked Antwerp. We were only few hours by night, but the ambiance was great. So I hope I will be able to visit again this city !
You can find four new galleries about Belgium here. Few pictures are out of focus, by night it’s quite difficult with digital cameras …sorry for that !

I especially would like to thank Chris ! I spent great time with him. He drove many kilometres around Belgium. Very interesting to speak again him, to drink again many beers and to visit many cities. I also want to thank her sister for her cooking.

Chris : don’t forget to come soon in Switzerland, you’re welcome when you want ! Try to book few days this winter, I would like to show Swiss mountains 😉

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    What a pleasure to see you again at home!
    As you said we actually drove all around Belgium in 2 days.
    Such a small country..
    You haven’t seen everything OF COURSE but these kilometers allowed you to get an idea of what Belgium is.

    I’m now planning a few days, maybe a week in Switzerland in February. To see you and maybe others Swiss people I met in Perth.

    Happy to keep in touch. Talk to you soon.


  2. 2

    Belgium is almost the same size than Switzerland, small country…do you remember our trip from Sydney to Cairns…how long was it 🙂 And your trip from Sydney to Perth…

    I’ll send an email soon to Janine and Karin, maybe they will be able to come too. We will see…I hope so 😉

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