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September 30th, 2006 | Author:

After three weeks, I finished my fireman or firefighter (more common) school ! It was very interesting, I learnt many differents things about fire, rescue, life-saving, flood, chainsaw, …

I passed my theoretical exam last Wednesday, and today my practical exam. The most intensive practice was the House of fire, more than 1200 degrees inside the house, heaps of smoke. The heat was very hot, but with a fire jacket, it was ok. The worst thing was the smoke, I could not see anyting and the smoke gets into my eyes. I stayed around 10 minutes inside the house.

I took some souvenirs for you, so you can find few pictures and movies on my new gallery.

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September 12th, 2006 | Author:

Yesterday was the beginning of my fireman school. 30 people are following this school, with 5 girls. Every person come from different communes[1] of the Canton of Geneva.
During three weeks, I will do different exercices with the most popular : House of fire. You can find few pictures here

Sometimes it is funny, because some people (from rich communes like Vandœuvres or Cologny) are the last fire equipment (new boots, new fire jacket, …). I do not come from a rich commune, so I have not the last equipment, but it does not matter, it is a very good equipment !


[1] Municipalities are more commun in English

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September 11th, 2006 | Author:

After my security training in last June, I decided to take the GSEC certification.
The exam for this certification is splited in two exams, the first one and the second one 🙂 To pass this certification, you have to pass the first one, and after the second one. If you fail the first exam, you can not take the second one.
Each exam take three hours, with 100 questions. You need 70 % or more to pass the certification. This certification is not so difficult but it is a good base to take some others certifications. I really would like to thank Jérôme for his help and availbility !
You can find my name on the GIAC website for the people who do not believe me 😉

My next certification…it is a good question, but I do not know exactly because I will follow a fireman school during three weeks (every Monday and Wednesday evening, and every Saturday during the day). I’m beginning this school today evening !
But at this moment my main activity is to organize my Japan trip…many emails and calls, it is very interesting !

After my holiday, I think I will try to take the LPI certification. LPIC-101 and LPIC-102 will not be difficult, but LPIC-201 and LPIC-202 will be a good challenge for me !

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