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December 24th, 2006 | Author:

One year ago, I remember my very good Christmas dinner in a French-Japanese restaurant with Chistophe and Martin in Cairns.
My first Christmas day with more than 40 degrees, funny clothes for people who live in the northern hemisphere and great nightlife…I really miss it !

Anyway, I wish you a merry christmas !

December 23rd, 2006 | Author:

After two months (sorry for that), I finished yesterday to upload all my pictures about my Japan trip. You can find my 11 galleries and my 390 pictures 😉 Enjoy it !

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December 02nd, 2006 | Author:

Yesterday evening, I visited the Airport Security Service of Geneva airport (Service de Sécurité de l’Aéroport – SSA in French) with my firefighters team. It was very interesting, Their needs are very different than ours, so their fire equipment is also very different. The most impressive is their fire trucks :

  • Weight : 38 tons
  • Water capacity : 10 thousand litres
  • Foam capacity : 1’200 litres
  • Throw : 5’300 litres/min
  • Engine Power : 1’000 hp
  • Max Speed : 140 km/h

I was lucky, because I could see a demonstration of this fire truck. So you can find a small movie and few pictures here.

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