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After my article last January about my probable trip in China, I finally booked my China travel ticket ! I’m going to China on the next May 🙂 I’m happy to visit a new country in Asia, and I hope I can meet again an acquaintance that I met during my trip in New Zealand ! But China is a huge country, so at this moment, I do not know if I will be able to see her again.
I’m going to China with three (maybe four) friends during three weeks and three days :

  • Departure on 17th May : Geneva (Switzerland) to Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Amsterdam to Beijing (China)
  • Return on 10th June : Shanghai (China) to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Geneva

I’m going to travel with KLM, the main dutch airline company. It will not be as great as it was with JAL (Japan AirLines), but I’m sure it will be a nice flight !
I’m also a little bit heartbreaking to be so near from Japan…but I will go back once ! Anyway, I will tell you my trip soon !

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