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March 31st, 2007 | Author:

After more than one month where I did not post any articles, I decided to change and update my blog for many reasons :

  • updating my pictures
  • spamming on comments and trackbacks
  • few menus were still in French

The main new features are :

  • I can update many pictures in one time, so it will be much more easier for me when I travel
  • I can manage easier comments and trackbacks, so it should not have no more spam (I hope so !)
  • all menus are now in English, so you have no excuse to post some comments 🙂

The URLs and links are changed, so it’s possible that you can not find old pages. My todo list :

  • finish to transfer all my galleries (for this moment, you can find only my australian galleries)
  • finish to transfer all our comments on pictures (I hope it will be not too difficult)
  • update my template

My new blog URL is :
So if you have any questions, comments, … please post a comment here !

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March 29th, 2007 | Author:

With two friends, I decided to go to an IT security conference last Feburary. It is the first time for us. We chose BlackHat Europe 2007. The conference is splitted into two parts : training and briefings. Unfortunately, we were not able to follow both, so we booked a different training each. I chose a training about Web Security : Web Application (In)Security.

During two days and two nights, I have been in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. My hotel, Mövenpick was very good.

I met people from different companies and countries. It was very interesting. I will try to post an article soon about my training…

March 25th, 2007 | Author:

You will tell me…one more weekend in Crans-Montana..and I will answer you…that’s true, but different 🙂
I invited two friends (Thi and Thao), who have never been to the Swiss mountains. They work with me in the same company, but in Vietnam. During one month, they are staying in Switzerland, in the same office than me.
So it was a good opportunity for them to discover a new region (Valais) in Switzerland, to see new sightseeing views, to eat new food (Thao : how was the snow ? 😉) and to try new drinks (not really :).
We did snowshoe near Crans. It was also the first time for me in Crans, so I discovered few places that I have never been in skiing or snowboarding. Lucky, because the weather was very good !
I’ve really enjoyed this weekend, great moment, lot of fun ! Thank you for them to accept my invitation [1]
They also cooked a small soup at evening, so I would like to thank them for it, good opportunity to try some vietnamese food 😉

A new idea for my next trip…


[1] For your information, they are so busy, many colleagues wanted to invite them 😉

March 23rd, 2007 | Author:

Today, I took a day off to apply for my chinese visa. I need one for my next trip in China. So I went to Berne, because the embassy of China is there.
After 1 and 1/2 hour in train, and 30 minutes by walk in 15 cm of snow, I found the embassy in the end. The room is too small, so many people, and the chinese guy was too slow. I hope you don’t have to go there once 🙂
My friend will return there soon to take our visas, because it’s impossible to the visa by post….welcome to China and their rules !

After that, it was a good opportunity to stay in the Swiss-German part, so I decided to go in Lucerne (1 hour by train from Berne).
I spent half day with Corinne, a friend who live near Lucerne. It was my first time in Lucerne, very nice small city. I think this city is one of the most touristic city in Switzerland. We saw so many tourist, especially Chinese people (hmm) !
I really liked my time there, happy to see her again ! I will return this summer to make a cruise on Lake Lucerne…and I will visit Grutli, the place where Switzerland was born in 1291.