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Today, I took a day off to apply for my chinese visa. I need one for my next trip in China. So I went to Berne, because the embassy of China is there.
After 1 and 1/2 hour in train, and 30 minutes by walk in 15 cm of snow, I found the embassy in the end. The room is too small, so many people, and the chinese guy was too slow. I hope you don’t have to go there once 🙂
My friend will return there soon to take our visas, because it’s impossible to the visa by post….welcome to China and their rules !

After that, it was a good opportunity to stay in the Swiss-German part, so I decided to go in Lucerne (1 hour by train from Berne).
I spent half day with Corinne, a friend who live near Lucerne. It was my first time in Lucerne, very nice small city. I think this city is one of the most touristic city in Switzerland. We saw so many tourist, especially Chinese people (hmm) !
I really liked my time there, happy to see her again ! I will return this summer to make a cruise on Lake Lucerne…and I will visit Grutli, the place where Switzerland was born in 1291.

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