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After more than one month where I did not post any articles, I decided to change and update my blog for many reasons :

  • updating my pictures
  • spamming on comments and trackbacks
  • few menus were still in French

The main new features are :

  • I can update many pictures in one time, so it will be much more easier for me when I travel
  • I can manage easier comments and trackbacks, so it should not have no more spam (I hope so !)
  • all menus are now in English, so you have no excuse to post some comments 🙂

The URLs and links are changed, so it’s possible that you can not find old pages. My todo list :

  • finish to transfer all my galleries (for this moment, you can find only my australian galleries)
  • finish to transfer all our comments on pictures (I hope it will be not too difficult)
  • update my template

My new blog URL is :
So if you have any questions, comments, … please post a comment here !

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    Hi Mister,

    Nice blog, nice pictures, nice guy 🙂

    Let me know when we can drink sthg before Christmas


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