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Dead ?!? Fortunately, I’m still alive 🙂 Sorry for this long waiting, few months without any entries !
The main reason : my job ! Since the beginning of this year, I had lot of work, many different projects.
I received many emails (thanks for your emails !) about my blog, so I will try to update it more often. As you were able to read here, I came back from China 3 weeks ago…and I did not post any articles and pictures. I know 🙂 but I have a very good friend from Vietnam who is at the moment in Switzerland, and still ton of things to do for my job. It should be online this weekend…

By the way, that is not the reason of this entry 😉 Yesterday, it was a big day for Switzerland ! For the second time, Alinghi have won the Amercia’s Cup against Team New Zealand.


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