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Dead ?!? Fortunately, I’m still alive 🙂 Sorry for this long waiting, few months without any entries !
The main reason : my job ! Since the beginning of this year, I had lot of work, many different projects.
I received many emails (thanks for your emails !) about my blog, so I will try to update it more often. As you were able to read here, I came back from China 3 weeks ago…and I did not post any articles and pictures. I know 🙂 but I have a very good friend from Vietnam who is at the moment in Switzerland, and still ton of things to do for my job. It should be online this weekend…

By the way, that is not the reason of this entry 😉 Yesterday, it was a big day for Switzerland ! For the second time, Alinghi have won the Amercia’s Cup against Team New Zealand.

I followed every race, during the week from the Amercia’s Cup website or via Zattoo[1], and during the weekend from a nice park in Geneva with a huge screen. Every race were really interesting (much more than the 31st Amercia’s Cup in 2003), so I want to congratulate Team New Zealand and Alinghi for this wonderful competition.

Today, one day after the victory of Alinghi, I read many articles on newspapers from Switzerland (of course :), but also from France and New Zealand. I also read heap of forums, especially from New Zealand. My first feeling : I could not imagine a such difference between medias, or between swiss and new zealand people.
Before starting to describe my feeling, I would like remind that during one month I visited New Zealand. It was a wonderful trip, New Zealand is great country, people are very friendly…one of my dreams it is to return there !

Now my feeling in detail :
The New Zealand people are proud of their country[2]. Sailing is one of the most important sport, with the rugby[3]. In Auckland, it is very easy to see, feel that : just visit the port. So it is easy to understand why the Amercia’s Cup is so important for New Zealand.
In Switzerland, it is different. The main sport is not sailing, because we have no seas, but many lakes. During weekends, regattas are quite common on Lake Léman[4]. So when I heard that sailing does not exist in Switzerland because we have no seas, it is totally wrong !
Another thing who is very important in Amercia’s Cup is the boat. In 2003 in Auckland, Alinghi won two races because Team New Zealand broke two times their boat. Although the most salient aspect of the regatta is its yacht races, it is also a test of boat design, sail design, fund raising and management skills.
I convinced that New Zealand have the best sailors, but to win, you need more ! Switzerland have one of Europe’s leading institutions of science and technology[5]. Since 2001, EPFL is Alinghi’s official scientific partner.
Having the best sailors it is good, but it is more better to have team spirit together. In this case, a guy like Ernesto Bertarelli, with his leadership can contribute a lot.
All that can not exist without money. So of course, you need money, lot of money to win Amercia’s Cup. But I disagree with people who say because Ernesto Bertarelli is a billionaire, it is easy to win. I think, that is wrong !

Anyway, I do not know how will be the next Amercia’s Cup, but I want to enjoy this victory. So I really would like to thank Alinghi Team for their victory, I’m proud to be Swiss ! It is great to win two times the Amercia’s Cup !
After an unforgettable party in Geneva in 2003, I’m looking forward to celebrate the second victory next Sunday ! So you see you on Sunday with many pictures…



[1] Zattoo is live TV on your PC, but it works only from Switzerland and USA.

[2] I agree because it a great country !

[3] If you do not know All Blacks, go away 🙂

[4] As known as Geneva Lake

[5] EPFL or École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

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