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After the victory of Fabian Cancellara on the Tour de France (the world’s best-known cycling race) yesterday, we celebrated a new amazing record in Switzerland !

The most famous swiss sportsman, as known as Roger Federer, has won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon trophy against Rafael Nadal, and his 11th major title. It was one of most difficult final, maybe his most difficult final. This match was an exciting five-set match !
He did his best again, so I really would like to thank him for performance :

Thank you to make dream come true !

Roger is always available, happy and human, that is why swiss people (and many people around the world) like him !


Today was also a big day in Switzerland, especially in Geneva…it was the return of Alinghi team after their victory. A big party was organized on Sunday evening, many people were there to thank Alinghi for their performance ! I really want to thank Alinghi again !
Only one thing was really bad : the weather ! It is pity , because it was a raining day. I was not able to take good pictures…but you can find few pictures there.

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