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Short feedback about my trip to Porto. As two years ago when I went to Kiev with my firefighters team, this time we choose the second biggest city in Portugal.
Why this city ? Because we have two Portuguese in our team !

We have visited different places, but every time with a glass of wine or Porto. So I almost tried every kind of wine or alcohol there 🙂

– A short city tour, included the Adriatic sea coast

– Alvaro Land, the small village of our Portuguese member team

– A cruise over Douro river

– And many wineries : Mateus, Graham’s, …

In the center of the city, I’ve found a very good nightclub : Gare Clube ! I recommend you, the atmosphere is really nice !

The worst thing about these four days : the weather ! Four raining days, only rain ! The maximum period without rain was 43 minutes !
My gallery is available here, but the pictures are not so good, because of the weather…

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