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As you was able to read here, I decided to go to Las Vegas, for the DefCon 2008. So during (only) one week, I went to United States of America, my first time in this country.

Departure on August 6th from Geneva Airport in the morning, arrival to Las Vegas at the end of afternoon, via New York.

At the US immigration, there take a picture, a fingerprint on the right hand and a fingerprint on the left hand, WELCOME to America !

The most famous sign in Las Vegas is : Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. You can find this sentence on every shop, hotel, t-shirt, … But for me, it is not the real image of Las Vegas. The reality is different…the most famous sign should be : Welcome to Enormous Las Vegas. But why ?

The reason is simple, everything there is enormous : cars, roads, hotels, casinos, food, drinks and … people. So in some cases, enormous means fabulous, but not in all cases…but that’s America.

Las Vegas is a city to see once, but if you are not a big fan of casinos, blackjack or poker, 2 or 3 days there is enough.

As usual, my gallery is available here.

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