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Tomorrow, I will be in Vietnam. Vietnam, a special country for me because of few reasons. I know many things about it, but I have never been there…

Because of my old company (there is an offshore office in Ho Chi Minh City), I had the chance to work and meet some vietnamese people. A few of them are very good friend (Thao, Tuyen and Loan). I’m really looking forward to see them again, in their country. Others (Thi, Tien and Uyen) left Vietnam and live aboard (Australia, France and Switzerland).

But something made me more and more happy, a great friend just joined me in Hanoi, and she will travel during a month in Vietnam and Cambodia too. What can you imagine better ?


Voilà, si tout va bien, demain j’arriverai au Vietnam. Le Vietnam, un pays qui me tient tout spécialement à coeur, et cela pour plusieurs raisons. Je connais en effet beaucoup de choses sur ce pays, mais je n’a jamais eu l’occasion d’y aller…

Grâce à mon ancien entreprise et son agence offshore à Ho Chi Minh City, j’ai eu la chance de travailler et surtout de rencontrer des Vietnamiens / Vietnamiennes. Parmi celles-ci, certaines sont devenues de très bonnes amies (Thao, Tuyen et Loan), que je me réjouis de revoir dans leur pays. D’autres (Thi, Tien et Uyen) sont parties vivre à l’étranger, respectivement en Australie, France et même en Suisse.

Comme si cela ne suffisait pas…une excellente amie vient me rejoindre au Vietnam (et au Cambodge) pendant un mois. Si ça, c’est pas la cerise sur le gâteau !!!

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A little bit than 10 days in Laos, and it is already finished. This evening, I’m leaving for a long, very long journey (more than 20 hours, crossing the border not included) by bus to Hanoi, in Vietnam. During two weeks, I discovered a new country, but also new people. Unfortunately, nothing off the beaten track, not enough time.


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