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May 06th, 2009 | Author:

En pleine croisière sur le Mekong à bord d’un bateau pour rejoindre Luang Prabang en 2 jours, au départ de Huay Hai (à la frontière entre la Thailande et le Laos), je profite du temps pour m’isoler, en tout cas intellectuellement, du reste du monde. Musique, écouteurs et biensûr mon netbook 1 pour occupation durant ces nombreuses heures à naviguer…

Je vous vois déjà vous poser une question, existancielle peut-être, mais qu’est-ce qu’on peut bien faire avec un netbook durant aussi longtemps, surtout pendant un tour du monde.


  1. Un petit ordinateur portable
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October 23rd, 2007 | Author:

After my last article about my new weblog system, DotClear 2, I wanted to change again. DotClear 2 is not ready yet, so I decided to use WordPress. So that’s why 1 I did not post anything during few months.

NEWS : As I promised, I have finally wrote an article about my trip in China : you can find it here !

NEWS (2) : From now on, I will regularly try to update my blog, but not only about my trips and holiday. I decided to write articles, in french, about my main interests : IT Security and Open Source. No worries, I will continue to write articles about trips around the world.


  1. I was also one month in Swiss Army
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March 31st, 2007 | Author:

After more than one month where I did not post any articles, I decided to change and update my blog for many reasons :

  • updating my pictures
  • spamming on comments and trackbacks
  • few menus were still in French

The main new features are :

  • I can update many pictures in one time, so it will be much more easier for me when I travel
  • I can manage easier comments and trackbacks, so it should not have no more spam (I hope so !)
  • all menus are now in English, so you have no excuse to post some comments 🙂

The URLs and links are changed, so it’s possible that you can not find old pages. My todo list :

  • finish to transfer all my galleries (for this moment, you can find only my australian galleries)
  • finish to transfer all our comments on pictures (I hope it will be not too difficult)
  • update my template

My new blog URL is :
So if you have any questions, comments, … please post a comment here !

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September 01st, 2005 | Author:

A l’occasion de mon grand et long voyage, dont le départ est prévu le 8 septembre 2005, j’ai décidé de créer ce blog.

Bonne lecture à tous !

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