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April 09th, 2006 | Author:

Since the 1st January 2005 I’m been included in the fire bridage of my village. Every two years we organize a little trip in Europe. So this time, we decided to visit the captial city of Ukraine, Kiev.
Departure last Thursday around 9:30 am from Geneva, stopover in Budapest (Hungary) for one hour, arrival around 3 pm in Kiev.
After one hour by bus, we arrived at the hotel. It’s a big (around 20 levels) but nice hotel , outside swmming pool, two bars, and clean rooms. The weather was good, a little bit sunny.
My first impression : a big difference between the airport and the center of Kiev. The center of Kiev is like a European city, with many modern cars. But on the road from the airport, I saw many old cars and lorries.
My first dinner in Kiev was very good. You can find some pictures on my new gallery. I ate some traditional Ukrainian meals, and drink my first vodka 🙂

The second day, after a night with many vodka, when I was waking up at 8 am, and I saw a strange weather : it snowed ! But it doesn’t matter, we went to visit the countryside of Kiev. After one hour by bus, we arrived in the Barishivka district. We visited the government buildings of Barishivka, the local fire bridage and a company who produce some vegetables. Very interesting, but unfortunately the countryside is poor, many houses are dilapidated and the roads have lots of potholes.
The lunch and the dinner were again very good. I tired many different kind of vodka.
On the night, I found a very good nightclub in the center of Kiev : a great party, with many vodka again 😉

The thrid we visited Kiev. Kiev has many big monuments, nice places, historic areas and beautiful churches. The architecture is gorgeous, with many buildings from Soviet Union. We also tired to visit the Dynamo Kiev stadium, but it was closed.
After that, a great surprise was expect me : I saw again Lena near my hotel ! She couldn’t believe that she can see me again in Kiev once (and me too). I met her the last summer, in Salou (Spain), when I was in holiday for one week. She didn’t live in Kiev, but in Kharkiv, another big city in Ukraine.

The fourth day (today), I slept in. At lunch time, I drank a apple jus on nice terrace, but for the first time, the weather very sunny !
After that, it was time to leave to the airport.

My trip was great, Kiev is a beautiful city. The people, the culture, the country are so different from an European country. I recommand you to visit once a country from the Ex-Soviet Union, especially Ukraine. That’s very interesting !

I especially would like to thank Lena ! I spent a great time with her, very interesting to speak with a local person about her country. She did a long trip by train from her city to come in Kiev, that’s very nice ! I really hope that we can continue to keep in touch, and see her again, maybe once in Switzerland.

Lena : if on day you want visit my country, you’re welcome when you want ! I’ll be very happy to see you again.

P.S. Lena, can you write some comments about the name of the meals in my gallery ? I don’t remember the names 🙂

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